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Voltage Regulator Services.

Excitation System and Voltage Regulator Services from ProTec

Extend the technical lifetime of your industrial equipment with ProTec’s Voltage Regulator—and keep your project within budget and schedule, always treating your challenges as our own.

ProTec specializes in the full range of excitation system and voltage regulator corrective/preventive maintenance services for the power generation and utilities industries, as well as sites that incorporate emergency backup power or independent power generation. We are committed to providing quality services, at a reasonable cost, to improve the reliability and efficiency of our client’s equipment.

The staff at ProTec is knowledgeable about most types of excitation systems in the power generation and utilities industries. Over our company’s lifetime, ProTec has gained experiential familiarity with diverse power plant equipment in use by nuclear, conventional, gas turbine, hydro, diesel generator excitation systems.

This experience allows us to suggest modifications and upgrades to critical components for reliability, particularly in those that have endured excessive wear-and-tear or are outdated and can be replaced with retrofits incorporating the latest technologies. In addition, ProTec can perform NERC testing of protection systems from excitation system to Lockout device.

We make it a point to keep client’s informed of industry events and requirements that could affect generation, such as system failures, plant trips, or other challenges involved in the operation of your excitation system. Our services are designed to address excitation system problems and correct them the first time.

ProTec also offers tuning and commissioning of the excitation system and its components, including:

  • Regulator retrofits
  • PSS installations/upgrades
  • NERC Compliance
  • New installations
  • Maintenance requiring dynamic tuning

Voltage Regulator Retrofit services from ProTec feature:

ProTec also excels at retrofitting and upgrading services for the excitation systems, incorporating newer and more effective technology that ensures that your equipment continues performing well beyond its lifetime with:

  • Retrofits of all sizes, along with new installations.
  • Providing turn-key installations, as well as plant-support options.
  • Engineering support based on strong upgrade project experience.
  • Feasibility studies for decision-support in upgrades.
  • Exceptional field-tested performance with a diverse range of retrofit options, allowing cost-effective customization and fast installation.
  • Project management and consulting for the partial or complete retrofit of your voltage regulators or related equipment, keeping your project within budget and deadlines.
  • Knowledge and experience covering a wide variety of industrial digital systems, allowing ProTec to react quickly to your request and deliver an effective solution.
  • ProTec voltage regulator retrofits come with the exceptional service that has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.
  • Following the completion of every project, ProTec provides support and follow up to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

As a leader in voltage regulator maintenance and calibration, ProTec is best equipped to perform your voltage regulator retrofit. Our extensive experience and knowledge of systems that are no longer supported by the OEM uniquely qualifies us to retrofit your voltage regulator with state of the art equipment.

ProTec’s commitment to excellence allows us to interface with various management levels during infrequently performed operations, ensuring constant communication of the value and solutions provided.ProTec’s experience and knowledge guarantees a smooth transition to a new excitation system and our customized on-site training minimizes the impact on plant operations.

ProTec supports the following Voltage Regulator models:

  • ABB Unitrol
  • Basler Analog Models
    • Basler SBSR
    • Basler SER
    • Basler SR4A/SR8A
    • Basler SSE
    • Basler SSR
  • Basler Digital Models
    • DECS 200
    • DECS 300
    • DECS 400
  • Brush A30
  • Cutler-Hammer ECS2100
  • Emerson DGC
  • GE Alterrex
  • GE Althyrex
  • GE Amplidyne
  • GE Generrex
  • GE Static Excitation System
    • Potential Source
    • Shunt SCR
    • Various small modular systems
  • GE EX2000
  • GE EX2100
  • GEC Silicomatic
  • Portec (NEI-Peebles)
  • Siemens Static Excitation System
    • Thyripart
    • Thyrisiem
  • Vickers Voltage Regulator
  • Westinghouse 300
  • Westinghouse 300B
  • Westinghouse BJ-30
  • Westinghouse MGR
  • Westinghouse PRX
  • Westinghouse WDR
  • Westinghouse WTA
  • Westinghouse WMA

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