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About Us.

Excellence in Excitation Systems and Voltage Regulators

ProTec was founded in 1996 and has since been serving clients in the Utilities, Industrial Energy Producers (IEPs) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) sectors.

As a leader in technical services—ranging from excitation systems and voltage regulators’ maintenance to retrofits, equipment refurbishment, spare parts and training solutions—ProTec Inc. has been delivering results for the most demanding clients with a high-performance and exceptional quality track record in the power generation and utilities industries.

Our company is located in Tioga, TX, near Dallas. From this location, our staff can travel to any corner of the world to deliver swift and effective solutions. ProTec was founded by Kevin Nichols, a seasoned industry professional with almost two decades of experience in large generators and voltage regulators. Kevin is also an accomplished instructor whose experience and leadership in his career has helped him train thousands of engineers, technicians and specialists.

ProTec is known in the industry for its exceptional service and efficiency, always analyzing its clients’ needs carefully, proposing cost-effective solutions, and delivering results backed by our staff’s responsiveness and robust support. Our accuracy in problem resolution, equipment evaluation and testing is well-documented by customers and competitors alike—our skill is simply unmatched.

Our industry knowledge and experience with excitation systems, voltage regulators and related technical services have bred a reputation that keeps ProTec achieving new milestones, year after year. The company has earned the respect of not just its clients, but the people who have been supported by ProTec and its staff—always ensuring that every project is done right, and its outcome exceeds all expectations.

Contact ProTec today to request a quote for your project or call us directly at 888.960.2364. Our staff is ready to help you with its experience in excitation systems, voltage regulators and technical services.

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