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Diesel Generator Governor Services.

Diesel Generator Governor Services

ProTec provides the nuclear industry with a full range of support services for aging and obsolete governor systems, helping extend their operational lifetime.

The EGA electronic governor has been widely used throughout the nuclear industry in Emergency Diesel Generators (EDG) applications.  However, the EG-A governor and its associated EGB-C actuator are currently considered obsolete by the manufacturer, and have been since 2008.  New spare parts are no longer available and component refurbishment is limited by sub-component availability.

Diesel Generator Diesel Generator Teamwork

ProTec can help tune or troubleshoot the older governing systems, or provide consulting and tuning services on upgraded systems. Our company offers more than 20 years of combined experience in the troubleshooting of governing systems.

When working with governor systems, isolating a problem in a dynamic situation can be a challenging task and ProTec’s proven methods and best practices can minimize the amount of time required to isolate the problematic component and return the diesel engine to service.

Diesel Generator Governor Services

ProTec’s Diesel Generator Governor Services include:

  • ProTec provides tuning support for all types of electronic and electromechanical governor installations.
    • Single engine
    • Tandem engine
  • On-Site troubleshooting governor systems
  • Consulting services
  • Procedure Writing
  • Test Plan Creation
  • Modification Support Services
    • ProTec provides consulting services for modification support/feasibility
    • Mechanical and electric governor tuning support for retrofit installations

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