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Parts and Refurbishment.

Parts and Refurbishment from ProTec

Upgrade and retrofit your aging excitation equipment and extend the technical lifetime with quality spare parts from ProTec.

ProTec carries an extensive inventory of new and refurbished parts for diverse manufacturers and excitation systems. Our goal is to serve every customer with a solution to their challenges, providing exceptional service and ensuring that we can provide OEM quality at a lower cost.

We are always ready to assist our customers in their time of need. With this in mind, ProTec stocks common spare parts and equipment such as Auto/Manual regulator boards, range pots, and motor driven pots—including hard-to-find spare parts.

ProTec understands the time-critical nature of power plant maintenance and our staff is ready meet your specific turnaround time requirements while exceeding your quality demands. To help meet these needs, ProTec also offers the following spare parts:


ProTec can support the maintenance of Alterrex excitation systems with the following spare parts:

  • Auto regulator board (AC regulator board)
  • Manual regulator board
  • Firing card
  • Diode board
  • Relays
  • Potentiometers (70P, 90P, D1P, D2P, A10P, A11P)
  • Volts/Hertz Regulator Panel


ProTec can support the maintenance of your Westinghouse WTA voltage regulator and excitation system:

  • Protective Relay Drawer
  • Regulator Logic Module Drawer
  • Trinistat Firing Module Drawer
  • Trinistat Power Amplifier Drawer

Refurbished Circuit Boards

ProTec offers its customers a circuit board refurbishment and exchange program designed to extend the operational lifetime of analog voltage regulators still in service in the power generation industries.

ProTec’s exchange program provides reliable circuit board upgrades for a variety of analog excitation systems, including Alterrex and WTA. As electrical equipment ages, performance can be challenged by the failure of older circuit boards. To counter the effect of aging components, ProTec replaces all:

  • Semiconductors
  • Capacitors
  • Potentiometers
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Power Resistors

In addition, ProTec checks all 1/2 watt resistors in good condition for the correct resistance value, but not replaced unless specifically requested by the client. A defective solder joint on a circuit board could lead to major failure under stress and render equipment out of commission. With this in mind, all solder joints on circuit boards are checked and reflowed or replaced if necessary. Please note that in the event a circuit board needs an immediate return, ProTec has an exchange program for GE Alterrex and some Westinghouse WTA boards.

Our circuit board exchange program provides customers with immediate turn around, resulting in a swift refurbishment without major delays. The value of using a refurbished circuit board from ProTec over a repaired circuit board ensures that you receive OEM-quality components that are cost-effective in comparison to replacing circuit boards with a costlier new board. ProTec is in the business of taking care of its customers and extending the technical life of their equipment.

ProTec’s circuit board refurbishment service includes a burn-in period of 100 hours to ensure the reliability of its components and identify any potential flaws—resulting in exceptional quality and performance for your peace of mind. Refurbished circuit boards from ProTec are also calibrated in their existing voltage regulator cabinet, whenever available. Alternatively, ProTec stocks replacement parts—including voltage regulator cabinets from diverse manufacturers—that are readily available for use during refurbishment.

Miscellaneous Spare Parts

ProTec stocks a selection of parts to support the maintenance and enhancement of your equipment:

  • Motor Drives
  • Potentiometers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Panel Meters
  • Fuses
  • Power Supplies (Westinghouse)
  • Transducers (Westinghouse)
  • Voltage Regulators (Portec)
  • Heat Sinks (WTA)
  • Breakers
  • Field Breakers
  • PSS 100 (Basler)
  • DECS 300/400 (Basler)
  • CT’s
  • PT’s
  • Relays
Radioelectronics repair background 02Protec_Parts_Refurbishment Serviceman checks board of electronic device with a multimeter in service workshop

ProTec’s reputation for support and service are a trademark of our commitment to excellence. Don’t assume we don’t carry a spare part—please call us today at 888.960.2364 to see if it is in stock. You can also use our contact form to request a quick quote of ProTec’s spare part inventory.

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